Advanced Spatial Data Solutions



Advanced Spatial Data Solutions provides data entry and data capture services from printed, scanned and handwritten sources. We are experts at converting analog (paper) data into digital formats to be used in today's modern workflows.

Well Log Digitization

Advanced spatial data can convert all your hard copy well log data into a wide range of industry standard formats. We will work with you to develop products that are specific to your business.

Digitized Well Log

Map & Cross Section Geoprocessing

Advanced Spatial Data Solutions has developed many techniques to allow data from paper maps and cross sections to be used in modern digital workflows. Often these types of data sets hold valuable information but are not easy to integrate into todays workflows. Let us help you find a solution that meets your needs.

Seismic Reconstruction and Vectorization

Advanced Spatial Data Solutions can produce 2D seismic wave forms from your original 2D Seismic section paper copies, while maintaining the full dynamic range of the original data. We can output the digitized seismic data into many industry standard formats.

Seismic Vectorization

Digitization Services:

  • Scanning of log images
  • Accurate digitizing from scanned images
  • Digital capture of log header details
  • Export log data in a wide range of standard formats

Geoprocessing services:

  • Data capture from paper or film
  • Digitizing of shotpoint, contour, and geological structure maps
  • Projection, datum, and coordinate conversion
  • Image Geo-referencing
  • Map correction, conditioning and re-scaling
  • 2D to 3D conversion for geologic modeling

Seismic reconstruction workflows include:

  • Scanning your seismic data
  • Image editing and raster cleanup
  • Waveform digital reconstruction
  • Vector editing and QC
  • Seismic data reprocessing
  • SEG-Y or workstation formatting